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Operations that need to be avoided during cleaning

From: Administrator Published time: 2022-09-27 17:26:59 Click: 813

What operations need to be avoided in the process of cleaning?On this questionTianjin Cleaning CompanySmall series to take you to understand in detail。

First, home cleaning pot cleaning only wash the front and not the back
  Wash both sides of the pot immediately after use, and be sure to dry。But the habit of most people washing only the surface and not the bottom is very wrong。Because of the bottom of the pot,It's often stained with juices that have been refluxed when the dishes were poured,If not cleaned, it will remain in the bottom layer,The bottom of the pan thickens gradually over time;The pot is getting heavier and heavier,It will also affect the cooking temperature in the future,So be sure to wash both sides together,Then place on the stove to dry over fire,To remove moisture completely。
Second, home cleaning when cleaning the walking route is messy
  The specific policy is: from the top down, from the inside out, put the cleaning equipment in a bucket, let it follow you at any time, cleaning the room in a clockwise direction。Keep all necessary cleaning equipment in a centralized store and keep the cleaned room clean and tidy。A clean home is restained with dust。
Third, home cleaning plastic floor mop with water
  Cleaning the plastic floor with water will make the cleaning agent and moisture and gum chemical action, resulting in the floor degumming or stilting phenomenon。If water is spilled on the plastic floor, dry it as soon as possible。
4. Wipe the computer, TV and stereo with water for home cleaning
  Computers, TVS and stereos are sophisticated machines, so don't wipe them with water when cleaning。When cleaning household appliances, you can use a lightweight electrostatic dust brush to wipe the dust and prevent static electricity。The small holes or button grooves used to plug headphones in household appliances should be cleaned with cotton swabs。If the dirt is hard, you can use a toothpick wrap cloth to clean up, you can easily remove。
  However, you can spray alcohol in a watering can on the keys, and then wipe it with a cotton dry cloth to remove stains and disinfect them。At the same time, clothing softener can also come in handy when cleaning the home, with water mixed with softener wipe appliances, can make it not easy to dust within a week, the effect is excellent。
Five, home cleaning leather sofa with hot water wipe
  Leather sofa should not be wiped with hot water, otherwise the leather will be deformed due to high temperature。Use a damp cloth to gently wipe. If stained with oil, use dilute soapy water to gently wipe。
Six, home cleaning knitting furniture with ordinary detergent scrub
  Rattan furniture with ordinary detergent scrubbing, will damage the rattan。It is best to use salt water to scrub, not only to remove the stain, but also to make the cane soft and elastic。The dust on the rattan chair, Changan cleaning company said that the soft brush can be used to brush the dust from the inside out of the net。If the stain is too heavy, you can use detergent to wipe it off and dry wipe it again。If it is a white rattan chair, finally put a little vinegar on it to neutralize it with detergent to prevent discoloration。Scrubbing rattan chairs with a brush dipped in baking soda can also remove stubborn dirt。